News consumption on smartphones and tablets on the rise

Hester Gras

Not only the number of people using smartphones and tablets increased significantly the past year, also the amount of news consumed on those mobile devices has increased dramatically. According to research by Dutch publisher TMG, particularly the news consumption of people ‘on the go’ has grown. The percentage of smartphone users that read news while travelling, has risen from 45% to 55%.

The numbers come from the semi-annual ‘Mobile Information Monitor‘ of TMG, for which 500 tablet and smartphone users are interviewed periodically.

The tablet is being used more and more for news consumption at home. During breakfast, lunch and dinner the tablet is used more to read the news than half a year ago. 42% of the tablet users read news in bed. 36% (27% six months ago) of smartphone users read news on the toilet.

According to TMG it is important to match news and articles to the properties of the mobile devices. Smartphones are mostly used to quickly scan through the news. On the tablet users want to go deeper into a topic. The tablet is relatively more used for entertainment.

“Our researchconfirms the trend we see in the data of our mobile apps and our new mobile website”, says Annette Wendling, senior online marketer of TMG. “It’s good to see that news is viewed more and in more places. This provides many opportunities for our advertisers, through mobile devices they can reach their audience anytime and anywhere with relevant messages”.

In december of 2012 there were 7 million smartphones users in the Netherlands and 4,3 million users of tablets.

TMG has published a infographic (in Dutch) with the results of the ‘Mobile Information Monitor’.


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