News engagement on tablets now equals print

Hester Gras

Tablets are rapidly becoming the medium of choice for many news consumers. According to ‘World Press Trends‘ a yearly report by WAN/IFRA, reading time on tablets now equals print. The research shows that in countries like the United States, Germany and France people are spending as long reading news on tablets as they are reading newspapers.

Tablets and mobile devices are already accounting for 20% of page views of newspapers in countries where data are available.  The report states that “the biggest challenge for publishers continues to be how to increase the engagement of audiences on digital platforms”.

This is because while more than half of the digital population visit newspaper websites, newspapers are a small part of total internet consumption. They represent just 7% of visits, with only 1.3% of time spent consuming newspapers’ digital content, and only 0.9% of the total pages visited. This engagement seems to be higher on tablets and other mobile devices.

The World Press Trends survey includes accurate data from more than 70 countries, accounting for more than 9% of the global industry’s value. The data is compiled through dozens of national newspaper and news media associations and support from global data suppliers.

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