ORTEC’s Jeff Wilson shares insights on mobile marketing

Marijn Deurloo

A few weeks back, leading supply chain software provider ORTEC asked us to develop a magazine app for their OPTIMUS conference in Atlanta. The conference attracted some of the world’s leading authorities on operations research and supply chain logistics optimization, with speakers from companies like Walmart and Coca-Cola taking center stage. We recently had a chance to talk to ORTEC’s President, Jeff Wilson, to find out how the app contributed to their communications and learn about his take on mobile marketing. We’ll be sharing his insights in this post.

Jeff, can you tell us what your motivation was for developing the app?

Nowadays, enterprises need to deliver information to people when and where they want it. Our motivation was to create a more personal, convenient and highly targeted way of communicating information. I believe the OPTIMUS app helped us achieve that.

Can you expand on how the app contributed to your communications?

The goal of the application, and the conference more generally, was to get more prospective customers acquainted with ORTEC. In a sense, the app acted as a sales and marketing tool, making it easier for clients to do business with ORTEC. It certainly elevated our image and branding, and helped us deliver relevant information in an easy and professional manner.

What are your thoughts on mobile marketing more generally? Would you consider it a priority in your company?

It is a high priority and it should be for most businesses out there. Mobile offers an easy and social way to present customers with content. Mobile magazines like the ones developed by imgZine have made it very simple to adopt mobile marketing within our company. The applications are quite configurable, visually engaging, and easy to use.  But, just as important, is our marketing teams’ ability to accelerate our content push to various audiences on a timetable that suits our delivery schedule, which could be minutes or hours, not days or weeks.

Visit the ORTEC website to learn more about their services or read more about imgZine’s offering for enterprises to expand your app portfolio.

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