Rabo Kennis hits the App Store, packed with new imgZine features

Marijn Deurloo

Today marks the official release of Rabo Kennis, a new Rabobank app published on our platform that delivers the latest macroeconomic trends and industry insights. The app is the mobile version of Rabobank’s Kennis web portal.

Rabo Kennis is intended as a mobile information source for Dutch entrepreneurs and business professionals. The magazine app provides the most up-to-date market research, global and local industry forecasts and reports. Besides featuring Rabobank publications and biweekly blog posts by the bank’s sector managers, the app aggregates content from various RSS feeds.

Like most imgZine magazines, Rabo Kennis is equipped with a real time Twitter feed, so readers can interact with each other and track responses to the app’s content. Users can also save articles for later reading and share them through a diversity of channels.

Rabo Kennis is also packed with custom features. One of these features is the “numbers and trends” tab, which serves as a quick link to a summary of industry-specific insights and data. Rabobank also wanted to provide a direct channel for users to contact their sector managers, so we built in a contact tab into the app. Readers can also use our new LinkedIn login feature to receive updated app content on their feeds and participate in associated Rabo Sector group discussions.

Download Rabobank’s Kennis App to stay in tune with the latest developments in your industry and tell us about your reading experience in the comments!

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