‘red24Global’, an exciting new security app

Hester Gras

imgZine keeps on producing innovative communication apps for its corporate clients. For the crisis management company red24 we have launched an exiting new app ‘red24Global‘. This digital magazine for smartphones and tablets provides essential travel security and safety information for businesses, organizations and individuals.

The app is exclusively available to red24 clients with access to a red24 web portal. It provides vital country and city information updated live, enabling users to be kept up to date with the latest travel and security related developments from any region in the world prior to and during their trip. For instance, the app gives up to date information about the risks of traveling to countries in Africa that have been hit by Ebola.


The Product Development Manager at red24, Freddie Wynne, is very happy with the app and the work of imgZine, “We are very excited to have launched our new app as part of our comprehensive service. We understand how busy life gets and that people need access to the most up to date information at the touch of a button.”

Bert Kok, president at imgZine, says: “The red24 app is another great example of how our platform can be used by companies to bring their information to mobile, ensuring that clients or employees have the right information at their fingertips in real time.”

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