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Marijn Deurloo

A wise man (called Mark Suster) once said that ‘individuals don’t build great companies, teams do.’ We couldn’t agree more. In our first two years, we’ve managed to attract some really talented people in a variety of different fields. This post celebrates the newest additions to our crew.

Roel joins the team as Vice President of Technology
Roel van der Made joined us as VP of Technology in May. Since then, he’s been managing our technical team and bringing over 15 years of experience in open source methodologies, cloud computing and system administration into our team. He is known for being an exceptional leader and a talented engineer.

José brings fun and efficiency to our back office
José Rijnen is our new addition to the back office. She has 2 decades of experience in project management, finance and administrative support. José is also passionate about new media and graphic design.

Kelly joins in to boost our research and marketing efforts
Kelly Verdonk joined our team last month to support us in reading behavior research and online marketing. She has a background in marketing and communications and recently completed a master’s program in publishing with a specialization in magazines. Kelly is a true magazine lover who loves to do research in this area. Follow her posts on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

Nikos adds a dose of awesome to our apps’ front-end
Nikos Poulios joined our team a few months ago to support us in front-end development. He holds a master’s degree in computer science from Amsterdam’s Vrije Universiteit and a bachelor’s in informatics. He is also a film lover and photography geek.

Adam comes in to take our dashboard for a spin
Adam Paplinski joined our engineering team a few months back. He is a specialist in mobile development, web usability, database design and optimization. Adam’s work has led to fundamental improvements in our analytics dashboard. He studied computer science at The Warsaw University of Technology.

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