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ORTEC Relevance

ORTEC Relevance

At ORTEC we had the wish to launch an internal news app for all our employees worldwide. The aim was to reach more internal cohesion, and increase the knowledge and engagement level of employees - by making them aware of what’s going on inside the company. This resulted in the ORTEC Relevance app, which shows personalized internal and external industry news for 800 employees worldwide. Employees are able to personalize their content by selecting channels. They will also get recommended content based on their reading behavior.

  • Select your own news sources

    Employees are able to select relevant news channels from a list with “suggested news sources”. This enables them to completely personalize their reading experience and only receive the information they want to read. In the dashboard, we are able to manage the list of suggested news sources where users can choose from.

  • Internal news per business unit

    In addition to the general news channel, which provides internal news for everyone, employees will also receive relevant internal news per business unit. After all, different business units will have different internal news to communicate. In the dashboard, we manage and change the standard list of internal news channels per business unit.

  • Personalized article recommendations

    Our smart algoritms give insights into the reading behavior of ORTEC’s employees on smartphones and tablets. Based on their reading behavior, we are able to recommend relevant articles to different employees. This makes their internal news more personal and relevant, which boosts their level of engagement with the app and the company!

  • External news per business unit

    In order to provide relevant external industry news as well, the app contains external sources per business unit. It means that employees of one business unit might get other industry news than the employees of another business unit. In the dashboard, we manage and change the standard list of external news channels per business unit.

  • ORTEC Relevance specific features

    - General news channel (ORTEC inside)
    - Social media channel of ORTEC (Twitter)
    -Search engine
    - PeopleFinder
    - Top 20 articles
    - Top 20 customers of ORTEC with showcases and solutions of previous customers
    - Personalization
    - In-company advertisements of the staff association
    - A poll to ask feedback from the employees.

  • Standard features

    - General news channel (ORTEC inside)
    - Like, poll, social integrations, questionnaires
    - In-app alerts
    - In-app advertisements
    - Push notifications
    - Analytics of the users’ reading behavior

App flow

Employees show different reading behavior on tablets and smartphones. Therefore, the user interface of the ORTEC Relevance app is different for both devices.

While tablets are used more as business devices, tablet users also read more in-depth content on their mobile devices in the morning, during work and in the evening. Therefore, the user interface presents articles in a magazine view

Smartphone users check their app multiple times a day for a shorter period of time to screen the latest news. They read less in-depth content than tablet users and expect their internal app to facilitate this. Therefore, the app has a list view.

Nice to know

- The app is distributed via a safe and secure corporate App Store, which supports large enterprises in distributing apps for their employees. It’s a simple, cross platform solution of which employees already know how to use.

- The app strategy focuses on Android phone, because most ORTEC employees have an Android phone.

- It’s our first app with a PeopleFinder. The PeopleFinder allows users to find all employees of ORTEC worldwide, including picture, department and contact details. Users can call or email them and add their detail to their address book.

- The app contains a ‘Top 20 customers of ORTEC’, which allows all employees to easily check essential solutions and showcases of previous clients via their mobile device.