Millennials versus Baby boomers, the ultimate communication comparison

Janusz Stanuch

Millennials, the tech-addicted generation, always keep their smartphone close to their body. Baby boomers are seemingly different. For some reason, baby boomers are always depicted as lovers of old-fashioned media channels; printed newspapers, radio, tv. Is this pre-conception fair? Or are these generations more similar than they seem at first sight?

Welcome to the second episode of our Generation Communication Special. In our first episode, 5 generations in the workplace – a unique movement in time, we introduced the topic, the generations and the shift as a whole. In this episode, we dive deeper into the communication needs of each generation, their differences and most importantly, their similarities.

Communication needs per generation

Research (see sources below) shows that while every generation uses media in different ways, they all use digital media channels. Even traditionalists are digitally oriented. The infographic below shows you the preferred communication channels per generation.

Icons designed by Freepik and Roundicon from Flaticon

Acknowledge Differences

Please note that these findings are all very generic. Communication habits may vary slightly depending on your employees’ location or cultural background, for instance. Therefore, we advise you to always research employee needs within your company before implementing a (new) communications strategy.

Acknowledging differences might result in new ideas and a need for all employees to grow and learn. Diversity, not only in terms of age group, is essential to keep up with today’s fast moving world.

An omnichannel approach is key

Embrace the change that lies ahead and differences in communication habits. In return, your employees will embrace your efforts and therefore might be more loyal towards the company. No generation should be forgotten. We advocate for an omnichannel approach, the ultimate internal communication channel mix, to satisfy all communication needs.

Keen on finding out how we can help you setting up an omnichannel communications strategy? Please don’t hesitate to give us a call or fill out a contact form!

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