Thank you 2016, you were awesome!!

Hester Gras

Wow is it the end of the year already? Doesn’t feel like it, does it? It was an eventful year with many highlights. Check out the most remarkable ones!

imgZine is now called ORTEC for Communications

In July we embraced a new company name, ORTEC for Communications. Our journey with ORTEC started a few years ago when imgZine became a part of ORTEC Group. Since then we became closer and closer so the time was right to take our collaboration to the next level.

With a new name we also got a new house

While outside temperatures were tropical, we build ourselves a new home. From a cute small start up office we moved to one of Amsterdams coolest buildings, formerly known as De Telefoon Gids’ office. Since we are growing so fast, we desperately needed more space. We now have two floors with a nice Amsterdam view where we work very hard on disrupting the communications industry.

We made a lot of cool communications platforms!

Last but of course not least, we made a lot of cool communications platforms. We were happy to welcome a nice group of international organizations. Great leaders such as Heineken, Nationale Nederlanden, DELA and Bergman Clinics are now coordinating their internal communications via our communications platform!

Time to let some champagne bottles pop and toast to a very special 2016! Thank you very much for following our story step by step. We’d love to stay in touch in 2017!

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