The benefits of making your company more mobile

Hester Gras

With hundreds of technological developments running ahead of us, mobile devices provide great opportunities for organizations. Think about cloud services, or real-time meeting solutions to meet with partners on the other side of the world. But what does a company need to do to benefit from this? And what exactly are the benefits?

To become a mobile enterprise, the first thing that will change your organization’s work experience is making sure back office systems and relevant messages are accessible on the mobile devices of your employees. After all, large companies usually have hundreds of systems that house everything to project or division. Once this information is accessible on mobile devices, employees are able to work as flexible as they want. The second step is to make these apps accessible in both online and offline environments. After all, work might still need to be done in a room without internet access.

What’s in it for your organization?

If done right, a mobile-first strategy can provide your enterprise with multiple benefits:

  • Efficient workflow – Going mobile allows employees to get in touch with each other or look up on information easier and quicker.
  • Cost reduction – Once employees don’t need a office desk to do their job, they will simply use it less. Companies can reduce cost because they can reduce office space and more specifically seats.
  • Effective planning – Having access to real-time data at any time makes it easier for employees to plan their work and appointments. They can also update an appointment and unexpectedly change time and location.
  • Real-time notification – Managers can notify their colleagues with real time (crisis) communication by changes in a project or team.
  • Increased productivity – If your employees can work any time and any place they want, they will be more productive.

Are you thinking about making your organization mobile first but don’t know how to start? We’d be happy to brainstorm with you.

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