The best time to publish new content on your digital magazine [infographic]

Hester Gras

Reading is not a natural act. Or, as neuroscientist Marianne Wolf (2008) explains, “we have no reading genes.” Reading is a cultural activity that has undergone profound changes across the years. Wolf suggests that “we are [presently] experiencing a shift from the reading brain, which has been a hallmark of the human species for millennia, to the digital brain.”


digital reading behavior, digital media, books, old media, print media, print books.Words have shifted from being on books, magazines and billboards to living on computers, smartphones, laptops, televisions and tablets. And with that, the act of reading has dramatically changed. At imgZine, we have a closer look at the different aspects of this new reading behavior. After all, engaging your audience is only possible when you know how your readers behave. In this post, we’ll explore the lifecycle of digital magazine content in order to help you capitalize on and understand your target audience’s reading behavior.

Taking a lifecycle approach to digital content
According to the product lifecycle theory, a “series of changes occurs in a product between one development stage and the identical stage in the next generation.” This theory also applies to digital magazines, even though their cycle develops much faster.

There are four different phases: product introduction, growth phase, maturity and downturn. Understanding these phases helps you understand your audience’s reading behavior. With this, you should be able to perfectly respond to what your readers want.

Lifecycle digital magazine content related to reading behavior.

To explore the lifecycle of content on mobile devices, we searched for patterns in our digital magazines apps: Digital newspaper apps, Thought leadership apps, and Internal communications appsWhen do digital articles become old? And which are the most popular moments for different kinds of digital content? Check out our infographic below to find answers.


This is how you could adopt your marketing strategy

Based on the results, we suggest the following:

  • The lifecycle of news articles such as actualities, industry insights, and internal news ends soon,
    thus content should be updated faster than opinion and background articles.
  • If you do not have time to update frequently, combine your news related articles with other kind of articles.
  • Opinion articles don’t need to be updated as frequently as actualities, but in all cases you should be aware
    to keep publishing articles.
  • Slowing down your publishing speed might lead to disappointed readers.
    Once they leave a mobile app, it’s really hard to get them back.

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