The impact of mobile phones on our daily routine

Hester Gras

Some people seem to be permanently glued to their smartphone, checking it constantly throughout the day. It seems that all of us are addicted to our mobile phones and opposition movements are emerging. A Dutch restaurant even allows visitors to collect points and win prizes if they do not touch their phone during dinner. But how often do we check our phones for real? Kantar studied the behaviour of 4,000+ iOS iPhone users and came up with shocking results!

THE IMPACT OF MOBILE PHONES ON OUR DAILY ROUTINE onder resultsThe study shows that:

  • The overall number of times that people check their iPhone is 83 times a day.
  • People between the age of 17 and 25 tend to check their iPhone 123 times a day, on average.
  • The age group of 17 to 25 checks their phones twice as often as the age group of 46 to 55.
  • Users of 55+ “only” check their phone 46 times a day.
  • The drop-off in average times of phone-checking is greatest between the 17-to-25 age group and the 26-to-35 age group. According to Kantar, the numbers drop off once users hit their 20s because of work.
  • Only small differences exist between the average number of times men and women within different age groups check their phones per day.

What impact does your mobile phone have on your daily routine? 

Do you want to check how many times a day you check your phone? Download Checky, a basic app that simply shows you how many times per day you’ve checked your phone and maps out where that usage occurred.

Source: Kantar.


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