Thought leadership apps as a business strategy

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Thought leadership, or better said the need for valuable insights is increasing. In a previous blog post, we already discussed the 6 design principles for a thought leadership app. In this post, we will have a look at thought leadership apps from a marketing perspective. What exactly is thought leadership and how can it fulfil the needs of your customers?

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Thought leadership isn’t just something you can claim; it’s something you have to earn. By using your expertise, you can build a reputation in a specific area and create a bond of trust with (potential) customers. For a company this means that the market sees the company as an organisation that understands its business and market, as well as the needs of the customer. The brand will be seen as an authority with an innovative perspective. Moreover, it’s proven that consumers remember a product or service more easily when a brand helps answering their questions. In the digital area, aided brand awareness is key to growing your business!


“In a world that is becoming more and more uniform, the demand for an original vision or an unorthodox approach, in short, to thought leaders will only increase.” 


The 5 advantages of a thought leadership app

In this new digital age, buyers will browse and consume information on the Internet – using that to select suppliers. They have become experts in avoiding advertisements and are attracted to branded content with interesting and different opinions. While thought leadership apps offer a big opportunity to raise company visibility and credibility, just a few companies are taking full advantage of the capabilities that mobile offers:

  • Position your company as an industry authority and a resource-based advisor.
  • Give people a reason to remember your product/service. Aided awareness determines whether customers recognise you!
  • Achieve greater competitive differentiation with high-quality insights, because the most successful companies are those who challenge the status quo.
  • Provide information, ideas and advice that’s so valuable it compels the conversation. Supporting the consumer’s decision journey requires a vast and growing range of content – well beyond advertisements….
  • Help and educate employees on your company’s issues through real-time updates in the app.

Do you have the content to act as a thought leader in your industry? Then don’t wait to distinguish your company from the competition and give your audience access to your insights in an engaging mobile platform! If you want to see an example of a thought leadership app, click here to see the thought leadership apps for ABN AMRO Insights or Rabobank Kennis.

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