Understanding value creation in the mobile industry

Hester Gras

In a previous post, we mentioned the unique characteristics of mobile and how these offer exciting new opportunities for content marketers. However, as Holland already explained in her study, content marketers should ask themselves an important question before adding mobile to their content marketing strategy. Are they only being driven by the novel potential of the technology or are they really adding value to their company’s business strategy?

The Rabobank Kennis app, which brings the latest knowledge about different industries and developments in financial markets, to give entrepreneurs a competitive advantage.
The Rabobank Kennis app, which brings the latest knowledge about different industries and developments in financial markets to mobile, to give entrepreneurs a competitive advantage.


Mobile is all about being able to reach, interact and engage with consumers in real time, wherever they are, at any time and place. Therefore, the messages you share will work best if they are relevant to the audience’s time frame, location, interests and reading behaviour. For instance, imgZine’s Insights app provides relevant financial news based on the users’ reading behaviour and lets them create their own news channels, based on their interests and location. For concrete examples, check the Rabobank Kennis app or ABN Amro Insights app.

Adding true value to your content marketing strategy

If the unique aspects of mobile media can be leveraged in your marketing communications strategy, then value can be created for both the company and the consumer. Communication that ignores the key characteristics of the medium that carries it will fail to create value. For example, companies that provide a digital PDF version of their brochure are not making use of the opportunities that mobile offers. That is not to say that you should stop printing physical brochures. As with all media strategies, maximum impact may be achieved by communicating via multiple channels – not just one.

In the next post, we will show how you can make optimal use of multiple channels to add value to every step in the customer journey. In particular, we will discuss the role of tablets, smartphones and laptops in your content marketing strategy. Follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn to keep on track of our newest posts!


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