5 benefits of apps during crisis communications

Hester Gras

Using mobile technology for your crisis communications can be an extremely powerful tool. Anyone of your stakeholders probably owns a mobile device, so why not utilizing the advantages of these devices? For instance, apps designed specifically for your internal communications offer a great number of benefits. We listed a few benefits below.

In short, mobile apps enable your organization to:

  • Reach any of your employees all at once, no matter where they are and what time it is. Just press the button and send push notifications and alerts in real-time!
  • Allow your employees to read exactly what’s going on during crisis times in the app. Simply give them access to the latest news whenever they want to on their own device.
  • Enable two-way communications through comments, feedback forms and polls to find out what’s going on in your employees’ minds.
  • Storytelling can engage and persuade! Use the magic of visualizations in your stories: share video, images and links.
  • Have all kinds of additional news features, depending on your organization’s needs and wants in crisis.

Find out which news tools work for you

When incorporating mobile into your internal crisis management strategy, analyze who your stakeholders are and what useful information or tool you can provide to them in a crisis and on a daily basis. You might want to serve them with an internal news app on their phones, as well as inform them on the web, in newsletters and even on their Apple Watch. In a previous post, imgZine’s CEO Marijn Deurloo explains why the Apple Watch might soon play a key role in crisis as well.

Make employees familiar with mobile

The best mobile strategy is the one that will serve a valuable purpose in and out of a crisis. If you can encourage your employees to download and use an internal mobile app out of a crisis, they will already have it on their phones and be familiar with it during a crisis.

How does your organization incorporate mobile into your internal crisis communications strategy?
Feel free to share your thoughts with us!


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