An omnichannel strategy for your internal communications

Hester Gras

Let’s take a look at all the internal communication channels you might use in the digital workplace nowadays. There is a mobile app, a web-app, a social enterprise platform, the e-maildigest and last but not least narrowcasting. No wonder you might get lost in the jungle of internal communication channels. First of all: see your package of tools as a platform, an omnichannel environment where every channel has it’s own purpose. With an omnichannel strategy of your internal communications all channels can reinforce each other.

Each channel has its own purpose and time of use

Of course, with every channel you use the target audience you want to reach is: your employees. But each channel has its own purpose and time of use. As you can imagine, an employee will check his app at another time during the day than he checks the narrowcasting channel. Your messages should be adjusted to this time of use and channel.

It might be useful to map out your internal communication channels on one side and all the types of messages you want to send on the other side. Explore the purposes, strengths and weaknesses and who in your communications team is responsible for a certain channel.

Key tips for an omnichannel strategy

In order to deliver great internal communications with an omnichannel strategy you might want to keep the following key tips in mind:

  • Keep track off your metrics; use analytics of all your internal communication channels to drive continuous improvement. Analytics will help you keeping focussed on your strategic aims. According to the reports you can adjust your strategy.
  • Embrace the social enterprise network; engage on your social enterprise network like Yammer, Slack or Facebook at Work. Drive dialog with your employees and practice what you preach.
  • Assign publishers throughout the whole company; Every department has his own news and success stories they might want to share. Give several employees throughout your company the role of publisher so the news will come straight from the source.

Are you thinking about your own omnichannel strategy for internal communications but don’t know how to start? We’d be happy to brainstorm with you. Don’t hesitate to give us a call or take a look at our internal communications platform.

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