Facebook launches a social enterprise platform: Facebook at Work

Hester Gras

This spring Facebook will launch a new platform for enterprises; Facebook at Work. Facebook at Work started a year ago with an early adoption program, a bèta version of the network. Now the network is accessible for enterprises all over the world.

Facebook at Work

Actually Facebook at Work is a spin off from Facebook as we all know it. The social platform provides the same features and look & feel. This will be the biggest advantage of Facebook at Work. By December’15 Facebook had 1.04 billion daily active users. That’s a lot, people! All users know how Facebook works and they are used to check the platform on a regular basis. As Facebook at Work believes employees wont have any problem to embrace the network for business use because the already use the platform anyway. Some new features (in comparison with Facebook) Facebook at Work brings ahead are: making teams and sharing files.

Social networks for enterprises

Facebook is not the first player in the field of social networks to launch a platform for enterprises. In fact, maybe they are a bit late because we already know organizations like Slack and Yammer. These social networks are already integrated by many many enterprises. It will not be easy for Facebook at Work to push them out of the field.

Social networks for enterprises and imgZines platform won’t be competitors of each other. Actually, both platforms in one company can reinforce each other. Social network platforms for enterprises are designed to be a place of knowledge sharing. Employees can interact with each other and encourage to get the most out of a project. On a platform like Slack, Yammer and now Facebook at Work employees communicate with each other but the company doesn’t communicate with their employees. You can say social networks for enterprises are there for lateral communication.
On the other hand, there is imgZines platform which is designed to push news from managers to their employees; top-bottom communication. Some of our customers use imgZines relevance platform next to Yammer. But we will tell you more about that later on.

Does your enterprise already use a social network? Or Are you looking for a solution for your internal communications? We are happy to brainstorm with you! Don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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