How to start with developing an internal communications platform

Hester Gras

While optimizing internal communications at large companies we see all kinds of industries, strategies and cultures. The struggles they deal with are logically different but, there are some similarities as well. That’s why it’s good to set some basics, things to consider when you are about to develop an internal communications platform. Let’s walk you through some topics to think of.

1. What is your starting point?

The first thing to map out is your starting point. An omnichannel platform (like ORTEC’s Relevance platform) is not just another communication channel, or a cool wannahave. It is a platform that will rock your and especially your employees world. Therefor it’s good to map out where you want to go with your internal communications strategy.

2. Set goals to measure your success

With a strategy, goals come along. What are you aiming to reach? When is your internal communications platform a success? Just increasing employee engagement is kind of weak on its own. Make it SMART in order to measure your success.

3. Connect with other departments within the organization

Don’t just jump on your co-workers with the idea of an internal communications platform. For the development and adoption of the platform it’s important you have created some support. So, talk with other departments (finance, IT, operational) on your ideas.

4. What is your budget?

This will be the hardest question to answer, because your manager/organization always wants to save costs. Try to figure out how much money an internal communications platform will save and what the revenue will be.

5. How are you going to launch the new platform?

Developing an internal communications platform is one thing. Turning it into a success is quite a different story. Think about how you are going to launch your platform and promote it among your employees. You may want to consider an adoption program to make sure everybody installs the app on their mobile phone and really uses it.

Are you thinking about an internal communications platform? Don’t hesitate to give us a call, we’d be happy to brainstorm with you!

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