How wearables can be useful for your enterprise

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Wearables are most known in the world of health and sports but they can be useful for your enterprise as well. They could go a long way in increasing productivity and profitability. It’s only a matter of time your employees will all wear something that collects data. So let’s check some facts about this trend.

What’s a Wearable?

Wearables are clothes or accessories with advanced technology. Think of bracelets that keep track of your heart rate or count your steps so you can stay up to date of your health status or monitor your activity. In fact, wearables are wearable devices.

A wearable collects big data and is always connected with a wireless network or mobile phone. They can also include virtual reality.  Wearable-produced traffic can be one way or bidirectional, interactive or passive.

On of the first wearables on the market is the Apple Watch. When it was launched in 2015 we asked our CEO to share his vision on this topic. Check it here.

Wearables-Google Glass
The world from behind a Google Glass

Wearables for enterprises

We all know that savvy IT developer who is wearing his Apple Watch from day 1 or that fit marketing guy who is grown together with his fit bit. These employees are already collecting data which can be used to improve their work and health.

Let’s give you some examples of how wearables can be useful in your enterprise and increase productivity:

  • Remote assistance; whether it’s a technician or a healthcare worker, they sometimes need some help in doing their job on location. With video streaming eye wear such as Google Glass they can simply show their colleague what they are doing and ask for specific advice from a distance.
  • Increase IT Security; a wearable with a RFID chip might automatically log out when an employee leaves his desk. This way you avoid important information falls into the wrong hands.
  • Improve health; if systems are responding to biometrics, your employees’ health condition could improve. Imagine a system that sends a push notification to an employee that has been sitting to long at his desk. If he or she ignores the notification his laptop shuts down and will not be accessible for 2-3 minutes. This way an employee gets enough variation in his day.

What is your idea of wearables? And how are you willing to use them in your enterprise? Let us know by sharing your comments below!

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