infographic Q1 2016 statistics of imgZine’s internal news app

Hester Gras

We proudly present the very first infographic of our internal news app statistics. As Gary King once said: “big data is not about the data, the real value is in the analytics”.

As you might know imgZine’s dashboard can give detailed information about the app’s performance. This way our clients can optimize their performance. When looking at the data of some of our clients we noticed some interesting trends. The infographic below gives you a sneak peak.

Q1 stats visual final version


First thing we find remarkable is the average time spent in the internal news app and the high return rate. Employees spend more than 3 minutes in the app. It’s a long time, given the fact that the average time spent in any other kind of daily apps is around 3 minutes in total according to eMarketer. It becomes even more interesting when thinking about another fact: people tend to move on faster when reading online or in an app. Mobile devices have caused a different kind of reading behavior, in which people quickly scan their news on a daily basis. It means they read less content, and scan more. Well, they still seem to like reading internal news!

Over 80% of the employees return within one week. The fact that employees want to spend this large amount of time in their internal news app has anything to do with the relevance of internal news. They regularly want to be kept up-to-date about the latest company news, while enjoying the flexibility of a mobile device.

Our data shows that Apple is the most preferred platform to use in comparison to Android and the web. This is interesting, because worldwide Android currently beats Apple. Our data might be influenced by two factors. First of all, the operating systems on our platform sometimes depend on the technology our clients provide. Many employees could therefore still own an Apple device.  As these devices have a lifetime of a few years, we might start to see other results in the near future.

Most devices used on our platform are mobile devices. It proves a mobile first strategy is necessary to succeed in employee engagement. Click here for more tips to implement a mobile first strategy.

Next quarter we will bring you new data with interesting insights. Are you interested in how imgZine’s platform can increase employee engagement? Don’t hesitate to give us a call, we’d be happy to brainstorm with you!


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