KLM now offers personalized news to over 30,000 employees

Hester Gras

A few months ago, imgZine developed The Relevance app for 2800 KLM pilots. This successful cooperation resulted in another partnership with KLM to build an internal news app for another 30,000 KLM employees. The app is now up in the air!

Employees can use their internal news app on their phones, tablets and the web. By bringing all internal communications to one mobile platform, KLM is able to reach a much wider employee-audience and communicate to employees in real-time. The introduction of the app allows KLM to replace all its hardcopy magazines by digital versions. This change makes KLM’s internal communications much more efficient.

News in a completely personalized way

The internal news app is designed for 30,000 KLM employees, varying from stewards to ground staff and employees located at KLM’s headquarters. Because of this diversion, the app is made out of three apps – one for each of KLM’s business units: ground services, in-flight and corporate.

When opening the app, employees can choose the business unit they work for and their interests. Based on this information, the app provides employees with completely personalized news. The internal news app contains channels with recommended and popular articles, which also build on the business unit and preferences of the employee.

Furthermore, it is possible for employees to pre-download their content and read it when they are offline, even when they are up in the air!

The KLM internal news app by imgZine, on tablet and phone.
The KLM internal news app by imgZine, on tablet and phone.

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