Mobile matters to succeed in internal communication and we have the numbers to prove it

Hester Gras

For a company that develops mobile platforms for internal communication it’s easy to say that this will be the key to success. But, we actually have the numbers to prove it. Our latest data shows that 84,1% of the internal communications platform users return within one week. Therewith almost all visitors (about 95%) are using mobile devices.

The first thing we noticed is the increase of unique visitors. But, more exciting is our new record on the total number of visits! In the last few months we welcomed over 200.000 more visits than we did in Q1. So, people are visiting us more often then before, about 15 visits per user.

As said, employees are using the platform regularly and even 84.1% of the users return within one week. The majority of users (almost 95%) are using mobile devices; smartphone and tablet. It proves that employees appreciate the mobile approach of their employers and are comfortable with consuming internal news that is personalized.

Keen on finding out more on our internal communication solutions? Check what the benefits of our Relevance app and don’t hesitate to give us a call for more information or a free demo!

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