Vodafone Germany wins prizes with imgZine’s internal news app!

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We’re very proud to announce that our customer Vodafone Germany won an impressive award with their internal app ‘V – die Vodafone MitarbeiterAPP’, which imgZine developed a few months ago. Moreover, they’re currently in the running for two more leading awards. With this in mind, it’s time to have a brief look back at the success of Vodafone Germany’s app!

Vodafone Germany’s MitarbeiterAPP, which is available on tablet and phone.Vodafone Germany’s MitarbeiterAPP, which is available on tablet and phone.

Only five months after the launch of Vodafone Germany’s internal news app, the company won a platinum award from the LACP (League of American Communications Professionals) as the #7 of the Top 100 Communication Materials in 2015. In this Global Communications Competition, Vodafone had competition from over 800 companies worldwide. The App was also recognized as the ‘most inspirational’ communication Material. Overall; it’s an achievement to be very proud of!

The Vodafone MitarbeiterAPP is also eligible within the category of ‘Project of the Year’ at the Employee Engagement Awards and ‘Mobile Communication and Social Apps’ at the European Excellence Awards. With regard to the latter, the app is nominated because of its design and new approach of corporate storytelling. The app enables employees to act as ambassadors and share articles with externals.     

An impression of Vodafone Germany’s app success

The main purpose of Vodafone Germany’s internal news app is to increase the level of employee engagement and share the corporate culture. We listed some impressive facts on the app’s usage:

  • Since the launch on the 22nd of June, the app has been visited by more than 11.000 unique visitors
  • In total, the app is visited over 46.000 times.
  • The app has a very loyal audience: 70% of employees return to the app every week
  • The push notifications for urgent and important news are really effective; 75% of the employees who registered for the app and gave opt in for push notes are informed within 8 hours after sending a notification.

A promising future

We’re proud of Vodafone Germany and looking back at a very pleasant partnership. We hope this successful cooperation will last for a long time. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep you posted on the revealing of Vodafone Germany’s awards or check the showcase of the Vodafone MitarbeiterAPP here.

The MitarbeiterAPP also provides a fully responsive, public webapp. Read more about the LACP awards in the app.

The internal news app for Vodafone Germany, on Iphone and Ipad.
The internal news app for Vodafone Germany, on Iphone and Ipad.

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