What the digital workplace will look like in 2020 according to Gartner

Hester Gras

When following our blog, you might already have noticed: at imgZine we love to look beyond borders and are comfortable thinking we could disrupt the communications industry by using big data. Our research team is constantly searching for trends and signals movements in the communications industry. One thing is certain: the workplace we know is changing and technological trends are running ahead of us so fast even we can’t keep up.

So, we secretly took a quick look at what one of the largest research organizations of the world we have been trusting on for years, Gartner. Reasearchers made a forecast of what the workplace will look like in 2020. In 2020:

  • The majority of employees will be using software that has been given a name and personality when searching corporate info
  • More than 20% of enterprise social software postings will not have any text
  • We are going to make more use of cloud services as more technologies will be accessible from the cloud
  • 50% of team communication will occur via mobile apps

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