Create Relevance for your Employees

The news is at the heart of the Relevance platform. Share local and global messages with our easy multi-platform distribution. Send targeted and relevant content, tailored to the needs of your employees. Add features that employees like, use, and love. Ensure relevance to the day-to-day work of your globally dispersed workforce.

More than a Digital Workplace

Brand and model the Relevance platform to make your employees feel right at home. All the information and tools when and where employees need it. An integrated workspace, for everyone. To share knowledge, inspire each other, and to learn and grow together. Integrate the tools to create the best Digital Employee Experience.

Let your Employees Speak for You

Enable Social Advocacy and let employees speak for you. Facilitate employees telling your story by an easy implementation of your social channels. Let them spread the word with you.

Grow with your organisation

An automatic subscription for every new employee can be enabled, due to ADFS connection. Single Sign On, so every tool and information is just one click away. No Directory? No worries, we got your back. Check how we handle that here.

Our Solutions

The Game Changer for your Internal Communication. Reach and connect with all employees, using the multi-tool dashboard and clear and advanced statistics.

The ORTEC Relevance Platform continues where others stop:

Top-notch security

All of our selected data center locations have a minimum of ISO 27001 certification to guarantee the best security. The platform guarantees an uptime of 99,9%. Customers are invited to do their own penetration test, or by a third party. Read more here.

Third party plugins

We love plugins. Our customers or third parties are welcome to make their own plugins using our Partner API. Our plugins vary from room booking to roster integration and gamification options. Turn on/off for a location or for your entire workforce. Read the technical details here.

Events app

Are you having an event? Use our branded app for all real-time and static information, and save money on paper flyers and booklets. Moreover, let your attendees ‘match’ with each other with our matchmaking algorithms to get more out of the event!

Knowledge sharing & collaboration

Connect local leaders with global leaders and keep the expertise in your company. Drive engagement and collaboration with peer-to-peer channels and group interaction with a Social Wall and group chat.

Digital Employee Experience

Go further than any other: focus on Digital Employee Experience and get a head start. In every line of work, you deal with digital aspects. From hour booking and patient information, to onboarding and offboarding. Give your employees what they need and the personalised experience they want, to become the best.

Surveys and polls

Know what your employees think and want. Send different surveys to specific target groups to collect local and global feedback. Use it for your employee NPS survey, or ask what foodtruck they want at the next event. Check the outcome in the Relevance Dashboard and export it to your superiors with one click.

Sharepoint, Office 365, and Yammer

We are your front door for all your systems. Provide your employees with everything they need, just one click away with Single Sign On. Create the Digital Workplace everyone is waiting for.

Multi language

Sharing messages in the local language ensures higher relevance and engagement to a global workforce. We support engagement, and thus support every language. From Dutch to Russian, and Greek to French. We are here to help you reach and connect with your local and global workforce.

Automatic Translation

Time saver! Do you now spend hours (and a lot of money) translating every article in multiple languages? No longer double work with the AI powered Automatic Translation module. This AI based module automatically translates internal and external news feeds to the required language. Set by country, city, or any other characteristic.

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