Engage employees to the platform

Why would you use the app? That’s right! Combine need-to-have with nice-to-have information and pull your employees towards your new internal communications platform.

Be more productive

Your company wouldn’t go forward without employees, so provide them with everything you can to make their jobs easier and more fun. Let them become the best productive version as they can, by putting each system just one click away.

Unlimited possibilities, one click away

Do you think of a plugin we don’t have (yet)? Let’s discuss! Because the possibilities are unlimited. From gamification and interactive quizzes, to planning your roster or reporting a safety issue. Everything is possible.

Combine the forces

Together you go further, so why not combine forces if possible? That is why we invite our customers or third parties to develop plugins for our platform. For either fun or functional plugins, every idea is welcome. Read here what APIs we offer and more information about plugins.

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