Vodafone Germany goes mobile first with imgZine’s internal news app!

Hester Gras

We are proud to announce that imgZine has launched an internal news app for Vodafone Germany: “V – die Vodafone MitarbeiterAPP”Marijn Deurloo, CEO of imgZine: “imgZine’s Enterprise News App proved to be a perfect fit for Vodafone Germany, as they were looking for something like a corporate Flipboard – a mobile platform to optimise communications to employees and stakeholders. As curation and aggregation of content were important requirements for Vodafone Germany as well, imgZine’s platform was an evident choice.”

The imgZine platform enables Vodafone Germany to provide employees with the latest internal news, company stories and video’s, but it also aggregates multiple existing news channels from Vodafone Germany.

Steffen Henke, Head of Internal Communications at Vodafone Germany:

“With the internal news app we have extended our internal media family. The app allows us to store information in a uniform way and make news easily accessible in one place. Another advantage is that the app is very easy to maintain. Our team uses WordPress to easily add, edit or remove news updates in the app in real time.”

Unique blend of secured internal and public news

Marijn Deurloo, CEO imgZine: “We decided together with Vodafone Germany to openly distribute this app via public app stores like Google Play Store and Apple store, next to launching a web version. imgZine’s platform securely unlocks extra internal and external content sources for authorised users.”

Steffen Henke, Head of Internal Communications at Vodafone Germany:

“There are two reasons why we decided to do this. First, we are now able to reach new target groups that also represent Vodafone through their daily work, such as people working for partner companies or suppliers. And second, we want to give our employees the possibility to share stories from ‘inside the company’.”

The app is available on web, iOS and Android. For more info about the app, check out the V Mitarbeiter App showcase.


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